Close To Home 2020

We want your photos...

While we’re all close to home, we have plenty of time to notice the everyday things around us. Take a look, find something visually inspiring, and take a photograph! Then, we invite you to submit up to three photos to be considered for our Close To Home 2020 curated online photo exhibition. The collection will remind everyone of the often-over-looked beauty that surrounds us in our homes and neighborhoods.


A few guidelines: 

  • Closeup / Close to Home: We're looking for things that catch your eye around your home or on your way to pick up essentials. 
  • Square Format / Smartphone: Photos must be taken with a smartphone. No professional equipment required. Use a square format with the highest resolution available on your phone. Why square? We plan to post the selected photos on our website and social media in a grid format.
  • 30 Days / 3 Images: You have 30 days to capture great photos and we know you'll get more than one, so please limit your submission to 3 photos per person.
  • Deadline Extended: May 31, 2020
  • Email photos to 

Before you start your photographic safari at home, you might enjoy some of these tips and tricks for getting the best photos with your phone: